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The world's prettiest sights
Jada A. Graves 
picture the northern lights arctic circle
The Northern Lights Arctic Circle
This scientific phenomenon occurs when charged solar particles collide in the earth's geomagnetic field and create a colorful, magnificent glow in the sky's upper atmosphere. According to the Huffington Post, "ideal viewing conditions are crisp, cold, clear and cloudless skies with little light." And though it is possible to see the Northern Lights in other parts of the globe, this phenomenon is most prevalent in the world's polar regions; the name Aurora Borealis refers to the lights as seen from northern latitudes (Aurora Australis is the name for the lesser-known Southern Lights of the South Pole). For the best viewing, Fodor's recommends visiting Anchorage, Alaska or Calgary, Alberta. You can also see the Northern Lights in parts of Denmark, Finland, Iceland and Russia, among other countries.(Photo: Beverly & Pack/Flickr)

June 21 will be our "longest day". For the summer solstice, the sun does indeed play extra time. With us, it will be lifted soon 3:49 ET will go to bed at 7:56 p.m.. Going up north, this period gets longer: the pole, it shines almost non-stop for three months and yet so far.
picture grand canyon
Grand Canyon USA
The astonishing depths and incredible sunsets of the Grand Canyon make it a shoe-in on this list. Plus you can enjoy the scenery while you work up a sweat, hiking the rigorous Bright Angel Trail or rafting the Colorado River. As President Theodore Roosevelt famously noted, this park is "one of the great sights which every American, if he can travel at all, must see." Many take Teddy up on his word -- so if you want to explore this northern Arizona park, we suggest you avoid the staggering crowds of the summer. Consider visiting between March and May or September and November, when the weather is pleasant and the lodging rates are reasonable.(Photo: Fundenberg/Flickr)
picture van ly truong thanh
The Great Wall of China
Myth: The Great Wall of China can be seen from outer space (with the naked eye). Fact: it is pretty fantastic to view up close and personal. It sweeps through approximately 6,500 km of northern China, and different sections guarantee different tourist experiences: The jungly sections of Simatai and Jinshanling are good for hiking; the arresting and gorgeous Mutianyu stretch is good for snapping photos; and the crowded Badaling portion is good for convenience (it's only an hour away from exciting Beijing). Plan your trip for anytime (just imagine the contrast of the Great Wall with the white snow of winter, the red leaves of fall and the green grass of spring and summer), but do try to bypass the hordes of tourists that visit on the weekends year-round.(Photo: firepile/Flickr)
picture machu picchu Perou
Machu Picchu Peru
Machu Picchu's 12 acres of mysterious temples and exquisite terraces are perpetually shrouded in cloud tufts, proving that this ancient site of Peru's Urubamba Valley still lives up to its reputation as the "Lost City of the Incas." Or at least it seems like it from the pictures. In reality, this ancient city is always overrun with hikers exploring the Inca Trail or catching the view from the Temple of the Sun. So come with plenty of camera film and patience. For fewer crowds -- though not by much -- visit between October and April. (Photo: Allard Schmidt/Wikimedia Commons)
picture the great temple of Ramses II
The Great Temple of Ramses II Egypt
During his 67-year reign, Pharaoh Ramses II left many visual reminders of his greatness. Perhaps the best known are the four larger-than-life statues carved into a mountainside of southern Egypt. Many don't realize there's more to this site -- sometimes called Abu Simbel for the town you'll find it in -- than those seated statues seated on the facade. Pass through them and you'll find more detailed statues and intricate hieroglyphs depicting the Egyptian army's victory over ancient Libya, Syria and Nubia. Next door is the smaller Temple of Nefertari, dedicated to the Pharaoh's favorite wife. If you truly want to be wowed, you should swing by Abu Simbel around Feb. 20 or Oct. 20. Twice a year around those days the sun's rays shine directly into the larger temple to illuminate the artwork and statues within.(Photo: Mrs Logic/Flickr)
Báo Le Figaro
    Natural mosquito . This is one of the side effects and totally unexpected monstrous floods that devastated Pakistan in late 2010. To escape the waves, the spiders have taken refuge in the trees by the millions before the jail in their paintings, turning them into huge, and very effective - mosquito traps. Result: while the country is experiencing the greatest difficulty recovering from the disaster (almost 2000 deaths and 15 million people-about 170 million Pakistanis - Private Roof), malaria is unusually low virulence. A blessing for local people who had never observed such a phenomenon. (Ho New / Reuters) <b>Immortel en nos cœurs</b>. Ce petit garçon polonais ne s’y trompe pas en jouant avec l’image de Jean-Paul II comme s’il était encore parmi nous. Décédé en avril 2005 et béatifié dimanche dernier par son successeur Benoît XVI, Karol Wojtyla bénéficie en effet d’une popularité que rien ne semble pouvoir démentir. Aucun pape avant lui n’avait été aussi proche de ses ouailles. En vingt-six ans de pontificat, cet infatigable évangélisateur était parvenu à visiter 127 pays, permettant ainsi à des millions de fidèles de l’approcher personnellement. Et c’était vrai en Pologne plus qu’ailleurs, puisqu’il s’était rendu neuf fois dans son pays natal, tout en contribuant puissamment à le délivrer du communisme. Immortal in our hearts . This Polish boy no mistake playing with the image of John Paul II as if he were still among us. Died in April 2005 and was beatified Sunday by his successor Benedict XVI, Karol Wojtyla has indeed a popularity that nothing seems able to refute. No pope before him had been so close to his flock. In twenty-six years of his pontificate, this tireless evangelist was able to visit 127 countries, enabling millions of faithful to approach personally. And it was true in Poland than elsewhere, since he had made ​​nine times in his native country, while contributing greatly to the issue of communism. (Peter Andrews / Reuters) <b>Dix ans</b>. C'est l'une des traques les plus longues de l'histoire contemporaine qui vient de s’achever. À quatre mois près, les Américains auront mis une décennie entière à mettre la main sur Oussama Ben Laden, depuis ce 17 septembre 2001, quelques jours après les attentats du 11 septembre, où George W. Bush avait réclamé la capture «mort ou vif» du chef d'al-Qaida. Plus de 3000 personnes sont mortes dans ces attentats les plus meurtriers de l'Histoire. Ten years . This is one of hounding the longest in modern history that has just ended. In nearly four months, Americans have taken a full decade to get its hands on Osama bin Laden since Sept. 17, 2001, days after the attacks of Sept. 11, when George W. Bush called the capture "dead or alive" the leader of al-Qaida. Over 3000 people died in the deadliest such attacks in history. (Seth Mcallister / AFP) <b>Pour la mémoire</b>. Cette vue aérienne du site de l'ancien World Trade Center, à New York, a été prise, jeudi 5 mai. Trois jours après que l’armée américaine a tué Oussama Ben Laden au Pakistan, Barack Obama effectue un déplacement hautement symbolique à Ground Zero, sur les lieux où se trouvaient les deux tours jumelles détruites par les attentats du 11 Septembre 2001. Le président américain devrait y prononcer un discours et rencontrer des familles de victimes de l’attentat la plus meurtrier de l’Histoire. For memory . This aerial view of the site of the former World Trade Center in New York, was taken Thursday, May 5 Three days after the U.S. military has killed Osama bin Laden in Pakistan, Barack Obama makes a highly symbolic trip to Ground Zero, the site where the twin towers were destroyed by the attacks of September 11, 2001. The U.S. president should make a speech and meet families of victims of the attack the deadliest in history. (Mike Segar / Reuters) <b>Curiosité</b>. Trois jours après, la population d'Abbottabad, à moins de cent kilomètres au nord d'Islamabad, la capitale pakistanaise, est encore abasourdie par l'annonce de la mort d'Oussama Ben Laden dans sa localité si paisible. À tel point que de nombreux habitants, comme cet homme, se postent devant la grande porte d’entrée de la dernière résidence du chef d'al-Qaida pour tenter d’apercevoir cette maison, attaquée par un commando américain. Curiosity . Three days later, the population of Abbottabad, within one hundred kilometers north of Islamabad, the Pakistani capital, is still stunned by the news of the death of Osama bin Laden in his place so peaceful. So much so that many people like this man, post themselves at the great door of the last residence of the head of al-Qaida to try to see this house, attacked by U.S. commandos. (Faisal Mahmood / REUTERS) <b>Répétition</b>. La seconde répétition nocturne de la parade en l’honneur du 66ème anniversaire de la Victoire dans la Grande Guerre patriotique s’est tenue, sur la place Rouge à Moscou, dans la nuit de mardi à mercredi. Le 9 mai prochain, près de 20.000 soldats et officiers prendront place pour cette parade militaire. Repeat . The second night rehearsal of the parade in honor of the 66th anniversary of Victory in Great Patriotic War took place on Red Square in Moscow on the night of Tuesday to Wednesday. May 9, nearly 20,000 soldiers and officers will take place for this military parade. (Dmitry Kostyukov / AFP) <b>Funambules</b>. Pour ce trio, il s’agit de ne pas avoir le vertige. En équilibre sur un câble de téléphérique à plus de 200 mètres de hauteur et sans équipement de sécurité, ces nouveaux recordmen ont parcouru une distance de 1550 mètres entre deux montagnes de la province de Guangdong, en Chine. Le record précédent était de 1500 mètres. Tightrope walkers . For this trio, he is not afraid of heights. Balancing on a wire cable over 200 meters in height and without safety equipment, these new record holders have traveled a distance of 1550 meters between two mountains of Guangdong Province, China. The previous record was 1500 meters. (REX / SIPA) <b>À la chaîne</b>. C’est une journée porte-bonheur. Comme chaque année, le 1er mai est une date prisée pour de nombreux couples qui souhaitent se marier. À Wuhan, dans la province du Hubei, en Chine, les demandes étaient si importantes qu’une cérémonie de masse a été organisée, avec, en bonus pour les heureux mariés, un petit tour de carriole. At the chain . It's a lucky day. As every year on 1 May is a popular date for many couples wishing to marry. At Wuhan, in Hubei Province, China, the demands were so great that a mass ceremony was organized, with the added bonus for the happy newlyweds, a small sleigh ride. (AFP)