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Tranh đấu trên toàn cầu 
    Từ 25 tháng Tư đến 30 tháng Tư 2012

(From 25. April to 30. April 2012, worldwide )
Global Demonstrations against the Communist (Chinese communist & Viet. Communist) at the End of the Black April 2012
In late April, Tibetans, Vietnamese and supports all over the world will join the global demonstrations against the Chinese Communist and Viet Communist,  in front of their embassies and consulates all over the world, to mark the 17th anniversary of the disappearing of His Holiness the 11th Panchen Lama Gedhun Choekyi Nyima, and the 37th anniversary of the Fall of Saigon in Vietnam, which is an important Symbol of the Vietnamese Freedom Fighters worldwide for the Resistance against the Communists.
April 25 is the 23nd birthday of His Holiness the 11th Panchen Lama Gedhun Choekyi Nyima. Tibetans in and outside Tibet and supporters all over the world will celebrate His Holiness birthday with wishes for his well-being and innumerable prostrations of devotion, and urge the Chinese Government to allow his immediate release. "On this anniversary, we call on the Chinese government to cease its religious repression, allow access to the region by journalists and international observers, and release Tibetan political prisoners, including the 11th Panchen Lama, Gedun Choekyi Nyima who was kidnapped as a young bo,"said US Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi in her statement of support.
On April 30th 1975 the north Vietnamese communists invaded South Vietnam (without concerning about the Paris Convention 1973 that they signed). This year, Vietnamese refugees and supporters in the United States and in many other countries will go for the globe actions to commemorate 37 painful years that the Vietnamese Communist Party (VCP) has enslaved Vietnam since the fallen of Saigon.
This March 10th, the Vietnamese show their solidarity to join the Tibet rallies for a strong voice against the CCP's suppression in Tibet. This April, please join us hand in hand to call on FREEDOM, DEMOCRACY AND HUMAN RIGHTS FOR VIETNAM AND TIBET.
United Nations for a Free Tibet
1). Frankfurt am Main, Western Germany, Saturday, April 28th 2012

- From 12:00 pm - to 13:30 pm: Demonstration in front of the vietnamese communist consulate,
Kennedy Alle 46, 60596 Frankfurt am Main, Western Germany.
- From 13:30 pm - to 16:30 pm: Silent March to Hauptwache (downtown of FfM) and Meeting.
- From 18:00 pm - to 22:00 pm: Debate and Discussion about the Community and the Situation in Vietnam.
Organizer: Verein der vietnamesischen Fluechtlinge in Frankfurt & Umgebung e.V.
Contact: C/o Vo, Hung-Son, Tel: 0176-90223788; Fax: 069-95418948; email:
Verein der vietnamesischen Fluechtlinge in Koeln = Mr. Liêu Tuấn-Tú: 02234-697695.
# Contact for Road-Guiding = Mr. Thiên-Hùng: 0177-9241671.          =====================================

2). Paris, France: Monday, 30-04-2012 ( April 30th 2012 )

From : 16:00 pm to 19:00 pm
Location / Venue : Boulevard Exelmans and Rue Boileau 75016 Paris - Métro : Exelmans, Ligne 9
Demonstration in front of the vietnamese communist embassy in Paris.
Organizer: The Vietnamese Community in France.
Mr. Đặng Vũ Lợi ………. Phone : 06 62 09 86 10
Mr. Trần Nghĩa Hiệp ….. Phone : 06 65 07 14 73
Mrs. Thu Sương ……….. Phone : 06 41 67 95 37

===================3). Sydney, New South Wales, Australia:

a). Dinner to Raise Fund for the Rally on April 30th 2012
Time: 7 pm Friday 20th of April 2012
Location: Restaurant Crystal Palace, Number 219 Canley Vale Road, Canley Heights, Sydney, NSW.
b). Ceremony of Rising the Vietnamese Heritage and Freedom Flag
Time: 6:00 am morning of Saturday, 28th of April 2012
Venue: Monument of the Vietnam War, Cabra-Vale Park, Cabramatta, Sydney, NSW.
c). Grand Demonstration in front of the vietnamese communist embassy in Canberra (ACT = Australian Capitol Territories) to protest against the VCP, who is selling Vietnam to the CCP, and demand the Freedom, Democracy and Human Rights for Vietnam.
Time: 11 am Saturday 28th of April 2012
Location: in front of the vietnamese communist embassy, number 6 Timbarra Crs, O’Malley, Canberra, ACT.
d). Commemoration of the Vietnamese Republic South Vietnam Soldiers (of the former South Vietnam Army) and the Vietnamese People who sacrified their Lives for Freedom against the Communist
Time: 7 pm Monday 30th of April 2012
Venue: The Monument in the Vietnamese Community Center, Sydney, NSW.

4). Busses from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia to Canberra, ACT:
a). Bus will depart on the Friday night, April 27th 2012, at two locations:
- 9 Hillcrest Grove, Springvale, Melbourne, VIC. Please gather before 9:30 pm and busses will depart at 9:30 pm.
- The Vietnamese Community Office, 217 Nicholson St, Footscray, Melbourne, VIC (Tel: 9689 8515). Please gather together before 10:15 pm and bus will depart at 10:15 pm.
The two Busses above will attend the Commemoration of the Vietnamese Republic South Vietnam Soldiers (of the former South Vietnam Army) and the Vietnamese People who sacrified their Lives for Freedom against the Communist at 10:35 pm and will have a light Dinner before we begin to drive to Canberra at 11:30 pm night.
After the Demonstration on Saturday, 28-4-2012, in Canberra, ACT, the Victoria Delegation will return to Melbourne in the early morning of Sunday, 29th of April 2012 and will arrive Melbourne about 1 am in the morning.
For joining please contact: Mrs. Lê Thị Bích Thuỷ 0411 054 805 or Mr. Nguyễn Văn Bon 0411 616 453 for registration. Please pay $40 for the Bus-Cost on Boarding.
b). Raising Fund for the Bus-Trip to Canberra:
Location: Number 90 Knight Ave, Sunshine (Melway 26 J 3), Melbourne, VIC.
Time: From 10 am and Ending at 6 pm Sunday 22nd of April 2012.
Support-Price: 20 Australian Dollars.
other cities coming soon
The demanding of Vietnamese right groups
- April 30th, 2012 will mark 37 painful years that the Vietnamese Communist Party (VCP) has enslaved Vietnam.
- One of the five remaining communist countries in the world in 2012, the VCP dictatorial regime is a brutal, ruthless, corrupted and inhuman government.
- The VCP imprisoned millions of Vietnamese without formal charges. Hundreds of thousand people died in the so-called “re-education camps.”
- The entire country has suffered poverty, famine, diseases and intolerable oppression.
- Millions fled the country by sea and land, most died in their search for freedom and liberty. The inhuman treatment of the boat-people reached international crisis level in the 80’s.
- International financial investment since the 90’s only widens the gap between the rich and the poor due to the deep corruption embedded in the entire system. The corrupted VCP government and their cohorts are obscenely wealthy, whereas the rest of Vietnam remains in severe poverty.
- The VCP gives up land and sea territories to the People’s Republic of China. Mining, deforestation and Mekong Delta water deprivation are some of the mostly irreversible destructions of the environment by the combined effort of Vietnam and China’s regimes.
- There is degradation of all social institutions in Vietnam.
- There is infinite and blatant oppression of civil rights, human rights and political rights in Vietnam.
- There is an unacceptable proliferation of human trafficking of women and children to prostitution and sex labor around the world, and forced hard labor of men sent to developed countries.
- There is disrespect for the freedom of religion as any form of religion is under complete control of the government.
- The VCP tightly and totally controls media/press as well as any organizations or institutions in Vietnam.
- Sham justice system that operates on vague and variable interpretations of the law not according to international practices. Father Nguyen Van Ly was muzzled at his own trial.
1. There must be unconditional and immediate release of all political prisoners and prisoners of conscience in Vietnam.
2. Full restoration of civil rights of former political prisoners and prisoners of conscience. Call on the Vietnamese Government to cease all harassment and persecution of political dissidents, human rights activists and democracy defenders.
3. To urge the Vietnamese Government to issue standing invitation to the UN HRC’s Special Rapporteurs on the issues of freedom of religion, freedom of expression and information, torture, death penalty, human trafficking, and violence against women and children.
4. To call on the Vietnamese Government to establish an independent national human rights institution in compliance with the UN HRC’s guidelines and regulations.
5. To call on the Vietnamese Government to meet the challenge on human rights befitting the role of a chair of ASEAN this year and as a member of the new Human Rights Commission Body within ASEAN.
6. To urge for semi-annual US-VN and EU-VN bilateral human rights dialogue with bilateral reports on specific measures and implementation of human rights protection. Regarding negotiations on bilateral trade agreements or financial support, human rights must be an integral part of any agreement. The privilege of Generalized System of Preference and similar privileges can be considered on conditions of measurable human rights protection including acts to promote freedom of religion, freedom of expression, freedom of press and information, and freedom of assembly.
7. To call on the Vietnamese to demand for their human rights, civil rights and political rights.
8. To call on the Vietnamese to demand free and fair elections of a multi-party system government under the supervision of the United Nations’ regulatory body.
9. To call on the Vietnamese to stand up for freedom and democracy for Vietnam.
10. To call on the Vietnamese to form a united front to stop the expansion and invasion of the People’s Republic of China into Vietnam and its territories.