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Amazing Wedding Photos from Around the World
 Written by Egis on September 2013. Posted in Photos, World Fees, redemption, registrar, painting, photo sessions with breaks for champagne and finally the banquet. Sound familiar? Yes, almost all the wedding took place at the well-established the scenario before. Do you think that your wedding was the original? Or just looking for inspiration for an unusual ceremony? Check out this collection of photos and youll realize that the traditionalwedding ceremony is a long time takes a back seat. Now all kinds of fashion madness.clip_image002
  1. Grooms carry their brides during a mini-marathon in honor of the New Year in Sanya, China. (Photo by Andy Gao / Reuters)
clip_image003 2. Akemi Quito and Hiroshi Matsuoka decided to seal their union in an ice chapel Igloo village on the lake Sikaribetsu Japanese island of Hokkaido. Why would not you? (Photo by Yuriko Nakao / Reuters) clip_image005 3. These newlyweds prefer a warmer climate. (Photo by Enrique Castro-Mendivil/Reuters) clip_image007 4. And these newlyweds decided to do what is called a dip in the ocean of His love in an aquarium in Manila. (Photo by Cheryl Ravelo / Reuters) clip_image008 5. In the pair of Tokyo witness was a humanoid robot. The fact that Tomohiro Shibata (left) and Satoko Inoue met in the company, which designs, robots, so what better witness than this humanoid robot, it is difficult to imagine. (Photo by Yuriko Nakao / Reuters) clip_image009 6. Bride Yulia Tagil decided to come to the ceremony in Tel Aviv on the bike. Alternative marriage ceremony a way to show that Jews can move away from the wedding traditions. (Photo by Nir Elias / Reuters) clip_image010 7. Newlywed couple Joey Baio and Leah planted mangrove tree after a mass wedding ceremony titled Love with Nature in San Jose, Philippines. (Photo by Romeo Ranoco / Reuters) clip_image011 8. Newlyweds on a bicycle on a pedestrian bridge in the center of Beijing. This is one of the so-called naked weddings so called wedding without a restaurant, machinery and large costs. (Photo by Reuters / China Daily) clip_image013 9. The groom and the bride Tsinyan Kong Shen Liqun on the truck, which turned into a wedding car. Kong earlier worked as the driver of the truck, and his bride loader. It is not hard to guess how they met. (Photo by Reuters / China Daily) clip_image014 10. Newlyweds walk past the tray with the delicious tacos in Ciudad Juarez after a mass wedding ceremony. (Photo by Jose Luis Gonzalez / Reuters) clip_image015 11. This pair from Thailand 29-year-old Prasit Rangsiyavon and 27-year-old Varuttaon Rangsiyavon decided to add to their wedding a little extreme and fly on a bungee. Such entertainment suite with a view to strengthen the relationship of the future spouses organizes a Thai resort. (Photo by Kerek Wongsa / Reuters) clip_image016 12. The same Thai couple on the bungee. (Photo by Kerek Wongsa / Reuters) clip_image017 13. This is crazy another idea of ??the same Thai resort. At this time, three couples agreed to participate in the costume show run away from the pirate. Apparently, not everyone was able to escape from the evil buccaneer. (Photo by Kerek Wongsa / Reuters) clip_image018 14. Newlyweds in snow-covered park in the center of Milan. This unusual wedding gave the weather itself in the same year she was particularly extreme. (Photo by Stefano Rellandini / Reuters) clip_image020 15. Gerard Piper (center) kisses his bride Yang in the waters of the Gulf Inglish after the 89th Swim in Vancouver. The couple celebrated their wedding day before after swimming the icy waters of the Gulf. (Photo by Andy Clark / Reuters) clip_image021 16. Erin Finnegan and Noah Fulmor sealed their marriage kiss in zero gravity, aboard a specially equipped Boeing 727 during a flight over the Gulf of Mexico. We can say that the worlds first wedding in zero gravity. During the hour-long flight, the plane had to do all sorts of maneuvers, turns and hills to recreate the feeling of weightlessness without going into space. (Photo by Phelan Ebenhack / Reuters) clip_image023 17. Bride posing with Israeli women soldiers at the Western Wailing Wall in Jerusalem. (Photo by Darren Whiteside / Reuters) clip_image024 18. Bride riding on a public bus to the castle Neuschwanstein in Fuessene. About 15 Chinese couples already married in China, went to Germany to repeat their vows in one of the most popular destinations in Europe. (Photo by Michael Dalder / Reuters) clip_image026 19. Melissa and Rick Clark leave Times Square after celebrating the New Year and their wedding. (Photo by Jessica Rinaldi / Reuters) clip_image027 20. Newlyweds Sean and Rune Andersen Yamrat (right) got married right at the World Congress of Santa Claus at an amusement park north of Copenhagen. And yonder Piero in the background a father of bride, who works in the park. Merry-law went to Sean! (Photo by Casper Christoffersen / Reuters / Scanpix) clip_image028 21. Ramonsito Campo kisses his wife already Harneli Ruazol Campo on a flooded street in Manila. The newlyweds decided to legalize their relationship, despite the flood. Thats love! (Photo by Reuters / Courtesy of Ramoncito Campo / Handout) clip_image029 22. Eugene Okaevich and his bride from Kiev Galina Grann prefer bikes cars. (Photo by Konstantin Chernichkin / Reuters) clip_image030 23. Chinese couple poses for a photo in a busy side street of Beijing. The most popular day for weddings in China the eighth number, because this figure is very similar in sound to the word fa, which is part of the popular phrase get rich. (Photo by Claro Cortes IV / Reuters) clip_image032 24. And that fans of fast food Marisela Matientso and Carlos Munoz. Naturally, they were married at McDonalds in the suburb of San Pedro Garza. (Photo by Tomas Bravo / Reuters) clip_image034 25. Newlyweds in the middle of cyclists on the second stage of the race the Giro dItalia. (Photo by Stefano Rellandini / Reuters) clip_image035 26. Babkin Elena and her husband ride a bike in Gorky Park in Moscow after registration. (Photo by Gary Hershorn / Reuters) clip_image036 27. Sergei Kaunov brings out the Yenisei his bride Irina Kuzmenko on their wedding day in Krasnoyarsk. Sergey the walrus with the experience, but Irina had never bathed in icy water, but on this particular day decided to do this for my future husband. That is courage! (Photo by Ilya Naymushin / Reuters)