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Having arrived with his secretary at a hotel , Mr Martin discovered that there was a mix-up and the manager did not have his reservations (1) for two rooms..
twin beds bedroom “There is only one room available,(2) said the manager,” but is has twin beds and we can put a divider between them.”
Tired and angry, Mr Martin looked at his secretary. She nodded (3), and so they took the room.
In the middle of the night,(4) the secretary called out, “ Mr Martin, I’m chilly(5). Wìll you close the window?”

PATITIONHe thought for a moment and said,”How would you like to be Mrs Martin for tonight?”
“Oh, I’d love to!” she replied.
“Good ,” he said,”Then you close the window.” 
Notes .-
(1) a reservation: giữ trước - an arrangement (thu xếp) that something such as a table in a restaurant, a table in a restaurant ,a seat (chổ ngồi) in the  theater, or a room in a hotel,to be kept for you
(2) available: able to be used or obtained : sẵn sàng
(3) nod : to make a quick,downward movement of the head( usually a sign of greeting, agreement,or to give a command) gật đầu ( chào/ bằng lòng,(đồmg ý) /ra lệnh)
(4) in the middle of the night : nửa đêm/ giờ Tý/ trống canh ba
(5) chill : cảm lạnh
chilly : ớn lạnh, khó chịu   
chilli / chillies : ớt hiểm

It's up to (you) : Tùy (cô ) quyết định ...
Muốn tạm làm bà Smith đêm nay  ? Hãy  nhỏm dậy mà đóng cửa sổ lấy,,,