Thứ Sáu, 19 tháng 9, 2014


Hide in Letter Boxes
My husband and I used to promote our business by dropping
advertising pamphlets house-to-house.

We usually walked  together, once in a while splitting up and meeting again a few blocks down the road.

One morning, however ,we seemed to have lost each other. I stood on a corner  for some time, and decided to track down my husband by following  his pamphlets deleveries.

After looking into four or five letter boxes, I was met by a police officer who had obviousley been observing my actions.

Embarrassed, I approached  him and blurted, “ Well, you see, I’m looking for my husband.”

He raised an eyebrow and said 

 “Does he usually hide in letter boxes ?”

eyebrow – pamphlet - blurt

headphone funny 

Daniel Doan * Paula Le

Phát âm :
     Từ      số âm tiết Âm tiết được nhấn mạnh
pampflet    pam-pflet       /ˈpæmpflət/
eyebrow    eye-brow        /ˈˌbraʊ/
blurt       blurt      /blɜː(r)t/

pampflet  :  thin book with a paper cover, usually given free to people  (sách ít trang bià bằng giấy m
ng ,thường biếu không)
Pampflet có 2 âm tiết pampflet ; vì âm tiết pam được nhấn mạnh nên e trong âm tiết pflet (không nhấn mạnh) được phát âm là /ə/ (schwa) 
blurt (out) : say suddenly or without thinking ( buột miệng)