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alf 5
“ I like to sit by the  fire and take it easy after a hard day’s work,” said Alf  lighting his pipe and stretching his legs.
“You’re  very unlike Mr.Watkins in this way,”
said his wife reproachfully.(1)

“ Mr.Watkins? Who’s that?” asked Alf absent-mindedly picking up a detective story.
“Oh , that’s the gentleman that lives next door He wouldn’t dream of reading detective stories or solving crossword puzzles after tea. And how
dearly he must love his wife. You should  have seen Mr. and Mrs. Watkins in the garden…
You can’t imagine how sweet  they look as they
walking hand in hand  walk  hand in hand along the paths
walking across the grass or across the grass , or else stop under an apple tree…”
taking a puff“ I beg your pardon ,”said  Alf raising  his head and taking a puff at his pipe,”Who stops under  an apple tree ?”
“Mr Watkins does, of course! He puts his arms

kissingsittin on the bench
round Mrs. Watkins’ waist and applies his lips to hers  or sits down on a bench kisses her! You never do that ,darling ,do you?”
“You  women!” exclaimed Alf, “what complicated creatures (2) you are. Too complicated to be understood.How could I possibly kiss  Mrs.Watkins , dear.
   I haven’t  been introduced to her formally and I expect (3) Mr. Watkins would be  terribly jealous (4) if I did,wouldn’t he ?”

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Pháâm và nghiã 

Âm tiết (syllable )     ký âm (IPA)         nghiã
(1)  re·proach      /rɪ proʊtʃ/   trách móc,      chê trách
(2) crea·ture        /krit ʃər /       sinh vật
(3) ex-pect        /ɪk spɛkt/  mong đợi- trông đợi
(4) jeal-ous      /dʒɛl əs/    ghen tuông- ghen tị
       ( tĩnh từ)
     jeal·ous·y    /dʒɛl ə si/        (danh từ)