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Three Couples
Three couples were on their way to a party one winter evening, and as they were rounding the turn the driver lost control of the vehicle which ran off the road
car fire 

  and down a hillside, bursting into flame and killing everyone inside.
st peter
Very shortly thereafter, the three couples appeared before St.Peter.
   Peter pointed an accusing finger at one of the men and said,
“ YOU! All you ever thought about  in life 
point accusing finger
drunkard drunkard 2
was drinking ! You drank every morning, every evening,on the weekends, at lunch,you even married a girl named Sherry!”
  He pointed at the second man and said, “ and YOU ! you thought nothing but money !
money 2 money 4
Everything in your life had to do with greed (1), money, making money, keeping money, making more money…you even married a girl named Penny!”
   The third man took  his wife’s hand and began to walk away. “ Come on Fanny (2), I don’t want to wait around  to hear what he has to say to us.”
headphone funny 
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Notes :
(1)*greed: desire for too much (tham lam quá độ )
(2)*fanny/fannies :1. Someone’s fanny is their  bottom (đít/ chôn) , a rude ( tục) word used in informal  American English
2. A woman’s fanny is her genitals ( bộ phận sinh dục ), a rude (tục ) word used in informal American English.