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Hồi trẻ, Cụ bà Fah Shee Hoo là người lắm điều nhưng  hay lam hay làm. Cụ phụ giúp chồng trông nom một cửa tiệm chạp phô.

sieu bach tue Fan Shee Hoo

Chồng chết, cụ ở với  đại gia đình con cháu . Mãi  cho dến 99 tuổi cụ mới vào nhà dưỡng lão . Nhà dưỡng lảo do người Hoa sáng lập và điều hành nên cụ không gặp trở ngại về vấn đề ngôn ngữ và ẩm thực. Con cháu cụ thường xuyên vào thăm cụ .  Họ thường đem lén  vào cho cụ nhửng món quà cụ ưa thích : bắp rang đưòng và gà Kentucky.Cụ ăn  khoẻ. Từ khi vào nhà dưỡng lão tính tình cụ trở nên điềm đạm ,dè dặt.Lúc nào cụ cũng cuời nên cụ được mọi người quí mến.

Khi cụ 110 tuổi,nữ hoàng ,Thủ Tướng và Toàn quyền đều gửi thư chúc mừng cụ. Mấy năm gần đây bị té vỡ xương cụ phải ngồi xe lăn.

Cụ sống 16 năm trời vui khoẻ trong nhà dưỡng lảo cho đến khi cụ từ giã cỏi đới một cách êm ả.

 Supercentenarian ‘just kept on fighting’

Kate Allen The Wednesday April 3 2013

Supercentenarian Fan Shee Hoo died in Scarborough last Wednesday at the age of 115.

sieu bach tue Fan Shee Hoo Fan Shee Hoo, shown celebrating her 111th birthday with a 100+ cake at the Yee Hong Centre, died on Jan. 5 at age 115.
Centenarian: bách tuế ,100-109 tuổi  
Supercentenarian: siêu bàch tuế +110 tuổi
Keep on:tiếp tục fighting: chiến đấu –
just kept on fighting:vừa đây hãy còn chiến đấu /chỉ mới vừa bỏ cuộc

automobile first When Fan Shee Hoo came into this world, her country’s leader was a Qing-dynasty emperor and the automobile was freshly patented in America. When she left it, her Prime Minister owned a Twitter account and televisions came in 3D. 3 D television Hoo passed away in Scarborough last Wednesday at the age of 115. She was a year older than the world’s oldest documented living person. Though her family is unsure of her exact birth date, they were surprised to learn she was among the world’s super-centenarians. “I didn’t realize that she was that far up there,” marvelled great-grandson Sean Chai-Chong. Her longevity was the result of good genes and a feisty temperament, family members say.   “She had a really strong spirit. She just kept on fighting back,” according to Elizabeth Lee, a great-granddaughter. The woman who leaves behind two children, eight grandchildren, and 14 great-grandchildren was born in 1895 in a rural village in the Chinese province of Guangdong. She never went to school, and grew up speaking a dialect of Hakka. In 1957, she moved to Jamaica with her children and husband. The family opened a grocery store, Welcome Supermarket, which Hoo helped tend. But her real passion was food. “She had the gift of cooking,” Lee remembers, saying her great-grandmother’s fried rice is better than any she has eaten to this day. Chai-Chong remembers Hoo serving up Jamaican-Chinese specialties, like pork and yam. “She liked cooking for the family,” he says. Hoo’s daughter eventually had eight children, and in the 1970s, the family moved to Canada. Hoo and her husband, who predeceased her by many years, settled in the Thornhill area. In 1994, at 99 years old, Hoo moved to the Yee Hong Centre for Geriatric Care in Scarborough — she was one of their first residents, says Joseph Wong, founder and chair. “She was the darling of the whole home,” Wong says. Though she was quiet and reserved, “she smiled a lot of the time.” Wong also remembers her love of food. “She had a very good appetite,” he says, adding she never lost a gram of weight in her time at the home. Family members say they used to sneak in caramel popcorn and Kentucky Fried Chicken for her. “It couldn’t hurt her too much,” Lee points out. When she turned 110, the Queen, the Premier, and the Governor General all sent their congratulations, Wong remembers. Hoo stayed active up until the last couple years. “She was really spry and healthy and seemed a lot younger than she was,” says Lee. Eventually, a hip injury put her in a wheelchair. She passed away peacefully at the home on Jan. 5. Calment  The person documented to have lived the longest is Jeanne Louise Calment, who died in France in 1997 at the age of 122 years and 164 days. come into the world: ra đời/chào đời
Qing: nhà Thanhpatent: bằng sáng chế

pass away: to come to an  end,to die :từ trần/ chết/qua đời
marvel:wonder- to be astonished :kinh ngạc, ngạc nhiênfeisty :quarrelsome: lắm điều
tem-per-a-ment:/tɛmprəmənt/ an individual ‘s way of thinking,feeling, acting : tính tình
She never went to
chưa bao giờ cắp sách đến trường
Hakka :
tiếng Hẹspecialty (Mỹ)speciality(Anh) :particular type of work
món đặc biệt/chuyên môn/sở trường

a grocery store : a store that sells many kinds of things needed in a house (tea , coffee,sugar,
 oil, salt, tinned foods,soap etc )tiệm tạp hóa- chạp phô
to tend :to look after trông coi,trông nom

fried rice : cơm chiên, cơm rang
founder: người sáng lập
chair :chủ tich

darling : somebody whom one loves Người được yêu quí
reserved:not saying much,not showing much emotion:dè dặt-kín đáo

appetite :sư ngon miêng ( ăn khoẻ)

sneak:move in a quiet and secret manner : lẻn vào
đây lén đem vào
spry: lively nhanh
nhẹn-hoạt bát